Rotarian Terry Kinsley reminisces...

Terry outlines his long and varied history in Rotary

Rtn. Terry Kinsley, Club President 1976-1977...

With reference to your email of 17 August, I would mention the following in no particular date order.

During my earlier years in Rotary no one from our club went to District Conference.  The year before my year as President I organised conference visit to Eastbourne (Keith Baker) was president.  I organised visits for the next four years.  Attendance at conference by our members has continued since.

When I just became Treasurer there were several bank accounts.  I organised 2 accounts only i.e.  Members and Benevolent.  This continues.

Youth speaks started (I believe) in 1968.  I was involved in organisation in earlier years.  Youth speaks continues.

I dealt with link with Castricum in 1973/74, made contacts, organised travel, hotels etc.  I have personally visited them approximately 18 times – some for special birthdays, weddings and funerals.  For several years I arranged exchange of children this ceased unfortunately due to Castricum demise this contact no longer exists.  Gillian Roberts married Hans Witkamp May 1990 and Don Harrison married Trudi.

The Celle contact started in 1967.  I was not involved on initial contact.  I have been involved in most exchanges since including their visit to Windsor last year.

Royal Windsor Carnival was the first name of the now called Fayre.  This started in 1989/90.  I was involved from start.  This was normally held in Alexandra Gardens.  However, moved to Bachelors Acre for a few years.  I worked with Roger Coe (Chairman) marking out areas for stalls etc. on the Friday before carnival.  I also organised floats for first few years.  Fayre continues.  I have only missed 2 fayres (one in 1990 when Prince Philip attended)

Grove House opened in 1975.  I was on special projects committee.  I dealt with correspondence with Buckingham Palace resulting in Prince Philip visiting and planning tree in the grounds.  He came to Rotary Lunch after.  Also invited representatives from Castricum and Celle to the event.  Grove House still exists but sold in 1997/98 leaving us with substantial funds.

In 1967 when Bill Varney was president.  The fund raising committee for which I was a member set up Christmas street collection.  We organised tree on back of van, set up lights, music etc.   This carried on for several years and apart from raising funds gave pleasure to may area in Windsor.  He no longer exists but probably as well as included a lot of physical effort on some very cold and wet nights.

Manor Lodge Probation Hostel opened by Duke of Edinburgh in November 1969.  I dealt with completion of financial returns as required by government.



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