A field of purple!

Rotarians in Newton Stewart have 5000 crocus bulbs to plant both to commemorate Rotary's achievement but also to remind everyone that we still need support to ensure that Rotary fulfils its promise to the children of the world that polio will be eradica

In celebration of World Polio Day: Rotary Club of Newton Stewart joins with Minnigaff Primary School and plants 5000 purple crocuses.  

Pupils at Minnigaff Primary School have been learning about Rotary’s prime focus of eradicating polio from the world. The P6 and P7 pupils have collaborated with Newton Stewart Rotarians to create a lasting celebration through the creation of  a spring purple crocus welcome to the entrance to Minnigaff. Pupils learned the importance of purple as it is the recognition on a child’s finger that they had received the immunisation drops and thus the term ‘purple pinkie’  has captured the pupils imagination.

This year the World Polio Day was a special one, because in the past year the Global Polio Eradication Initiative has achieved so much worthy of celebration. From reaching long-awaited milestones to increased momentum in polio’s remaining strongholds, we are ever closer to achieving our goal of a polio-free world.  The whole of Africa is polio free and only Pakistan and Afghanistan remain but so far there has only been 20 reported cases so far this year. However the immunisation programme has to continue for 3 years following the last reported case to finally rid the world of this terrible disease.


The message to world leaders and the public is clear. Thank you for your support over the last 30 years but we need your continual support to achieve the final push to achieve eradication. While the goal has never been closer we have to continue of face the potential consequences of a new polio pandemic that could disable millions of children within a decade.

We are this close! 


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