Rotary Monmouth Community Draw 2019

An Annual Draw supporting Monmouth Charities

Last year 27 different organisations raised around £9000 via the Rotary Monmouth Community Draw. The winning tickets were sold by the Savoy Theatre, The Society for Welfare of Horses and the Women's Festival Monmouth. Other participants supported local communities in the Narth, Redbrook and Trellech as well as Scouts, Homestart and Dance Blast also international projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Fiji, 

Rotary Monmouth is again running its Community Draw, with the Draw taking place at the Raft Race on September 1st 2019. The Draw provides for cash prizes of £250, £150 and £75. Rotary Monmouth is providing all the prize money and organising the Draw. Participating Community Groups keep all the proceeds of the ticket sales and advise how many tickets they have sold, plus returning the counterfoils and unsold tickets. If you would like to hear more about this and have not previously participated then contact Rotary Monmouth though its website or by email to

If you would like to participate there are still tickets available contact the club for more details

  • Return Draw counterfoils to the Royal Oak – August 21st
  • Draw at the Raft Race – September 1st 2019

You have about six months to sell the tickets. 

Remember if you are buying tickets for the Draw all the money goes to the group asking for your support, so please support your local Community group.

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