Schoolbags for Nepal

Giving children who have nothing the means to get more from school.

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Schoolbags for Nepal

The earthquakes didn't just destroy thousands of homes - it also demolished schools and orphanages - mand of then in the poorest rural areas. The Juniper Trust has been funding and organising the rebuild in these rural areas.

However, even with a classroom and a teacher, children can't learn very much when they don't have pencils and paper. They need to practice their literacy and numeracy skills as they learn. An education could be their passport to a life out of hardship and poverty.

We are now supporting the Juniper Trust by providing funds for them to acquire Schoolbags full of educational materials for children who will attend the rebuilt schools. Each Schoolbag is a rucksack filled with stationery, pens, pencils, geometry set, ruler etc - learning resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate and - above all - learn. It will also contain eating utensils and a water bottle.

The Cumberland School is providing funds for materials to be made into school uniforms by local tailors.

The rebuilding programme, assembly of the Schoolbags and provision of uniforms are all providing local employment.

We intend to provide large numbers of Nepali schoolchildren with these SchoolBags, assembled in Kathmandu and transported to schools and orphanages in the most remote areas by the Juniper Trust, as part of their normal trekking activities.

We raised £1,350 from sales of the 2016 desktop calendar. 

We are very grateful to the organisers of the "Concert for Street Children" held on 20th December 2015 for donating £350. 

We raised £330 from the collection we held at the Xmas lights turn on on 28th November 2015 

We raised £270 from a collection at Tesco on 22nd December 2015.

Together with other funding, this means we have been able to make our first donation of £3,000 to the Juniper Trust for this purpose. This will provide Schoolbags for approximately 315 children in the newly reconstructed schools. 

The first of these schools is Yowa Barsa Lower Secondary School in Monjo - 65 pupils. We are pleased that the schoolbags were distributed on 15.5.2106, and photos of that event are included at the top of the page.

Our next target schools are 

Sagarmatha Primary School - 15 pupils

Shree Uma Kinda School - 114 pupils

Budha Kinja School - 131 pupils

We will update this page with more news as it arrives.

2017 News

We donated a further £5500 to the Juniper trust in January 2017 - raised once again from sales of the desktop calendar for 2017 and from the donation made after the "Concert for the Streetchildren" in December 2016 for which we are very grateful.

This donation should enable the provision of Schoolbags to a further 550 children The Juniper Trust have made great progress with the various schools they are reconstructing and they have now completed the original list of 10 :-

 Balakanya 80 Children

Budha Kinja 140 Children 

Janassewa 220 Children 

Juving 240 Children

Jyamire 100 Children

Sagarmatha 20 Children

Satkanya 90 Children

Seti Devi 130 Children 

Uma Kunda 120 Children

Yuwa Barsa 60 Children

They are now considering further reconstruction requests.

Unfortunately our club member Andrew Broughton was due to visit Nepal and many of these schools but slipped and broke his hip while on his final practice walk in Littondale. The indomitable Andrew will doubtless recover and replan his visit at a later time and will provide a personal insight.

We carry on....

We need to carry on with further support for this cause as there are will be more children still to equip in the Juniper Trust schools alone - so if you want to support us please click the MyDonate button below. 

You will be given the opportunity to Gift Aid to maximise it's value. You can also leave a message for us to accompany the donation - please put "Nepal Schoolbags" to make sure we know where you want the donation to go. 


    Thank You.

Andrew Broughton handing over a cheque for £3,000


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