Club Walk from The Brampton Halt, Chapel Brampton

Thu 17th March 2016 at 10.15 - Thu 18th February 2016 - 14.30

A short circular walk from The Brampton Halt with lunch. Organiser - David Harrop

Rotary Walk

17 March 2016

From The Brampton Halt

Pitsford Rd, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8BA

The walk will be circa 3 miles – not arduous – a counter-clockwise walk along the Brampton Valley Way turning left at Merry Tom lane back up towards Chapel Brampton, which we skirt and return through the centre along signed footpaths before descending gradually back to the pub.  It took us 1 & ¾ hours.  Suggest we meet at 10.15 for 10.30am start.

I believe the pub will be open to provide facilities and for us to order meals (there is a special lunchtime offer available – see website –

David Harrop

Chapel Brampton Walk Report

This month’s band of walkers met at the Brampton Halt for their usual start time of 10.30. The pre-walk food ordering took a little longer than usual as we were all keen to take advantage of the two meals for £14.95, which involved buddying up with a fellow walker.  The ensuing confusion was expertly sorted by walkmeister Harrop, who soon had 11 walkers paired up and with the food ordered we were on our way.

Unfortunately, our departure was further delayed by the late arrival of walking stalwart Chris Mahony.  As we waited for Chris to don his boots, David gave the elf and safety talk with the usual warnings to avoid collisions with any passing trains, cars or other dangerous objects.

So, finally we were on our way heading down the Brampton Valley way towards Merry Tom lane crisscrossing the river Nene, spotting evidence of the recent flooding, which contrasted with the blue skies and sunshine we were experiencing. After we had covered about half a mile a cry came from the back of the group “where’s Chris “.  A quick headcount revealed that we were indeed one light.  After much speculation and peering back along the track, with no sign of Chris, in true Rotary fashion we decided to carry on.

On arrival at Merry Tom lane we were given a short talk by Stan on the origins of the name, which gave the missing Chris ample time to join us.  On we went across ploughed fields, which a few days earlier would have been a quagmire, until we eventually reached the most dangerous part of our adventure, crossing the A50. Having safely negotiated this obstacle, we continued uphill until a junction where those who’d had enough excitement for one day could take a short cut back to the pub.

As time was running out, the rest of us also had to cut short the original route and head for Church Brampton, and a fast downhill return to the pub

After a welcome pint of Doombar and our value meal I was presented with the walker of the month trophy, in recognition of my return to the fold after a two year absence. I was unsure at the outset whether I would stay the course and I was grateful for the downhill finish, but my legs have been rather stiff for the past two days.

David Allitt.