Joseph Kershaw - February 2016

Joseph was speaking to us about the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan

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Young Joseph Kershaw was our esteemed guest speaker on 16th February 2016, talking about his trip last year to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan. Joseph's presentation was superb, with groups of photos displayed together that he could bring to life with the click of the mouse with hidden video clips. He was funny, endearing, informative, entertaining and amusing and his description of the size, atmosphere, crowd and style of a Jamboree was mesmerising. The scouts spent time with groups from other countries, cooking and entertaining each other, visited schools, stayed with local families and took in some tourist sites. Joseph's favourite recollection was of the children at the schools and the different cultures he experienced, not just the Japanese, but with scouts from all over the world. The bullet train was also an impressive memory, especially the air conditioning when the temperature outside was often 40 or 50 degrees C! Joseph had raised over £500 himself towards the costs of the trip and told us he thought every scout should be encouraged to go to a Jamboree if possible - it was a life changer!