Friendly skittles

Thu 3rd March 2016 at 19.30 - 22.00

Melksham V Chippenham

On Thursday 3 March, Melksham Rotary challenged Chippenham Rotary to a game of skittles at Spencers Social club in Melksham.

Chippenham members turned up early and were keen to get going, and with 10 of them and 8 of us we agreed to have a 9 a side with Karen joining our team.

Chippenham lead from the start, with Melksham members making a slow start. There was a burst of excitement when Warwick got a spare for 10 in the third leg which then encouraged the rest of Melksham to do well, or was it the encouragement of it being the beer leg....  It was probably bad luck from Roger G, but the beer leg was the only leg that Melksham won!

It may also have been bad timing that the fish and chips arrived after the beer leg, purchased from Lees fish and chips, full bellies seem to slow Melksham down again - note to the organisor, next time feed them at the end of the match!!.

It didnt matter about the final score though, a lovely evening was had by all, and we await Chippenhams challenge to us for a re-match.  Last but not least, thanks to Adam for sticking up all evening.