Community work in Senegal

Our friends from the Rotary Club of Guingamp have been making a difference in Senegal to help the local communities.

For the past year, members of Melksham Rotary have run various events to raise funds to help our Twinned club, the Rotary Club of Guingamp to make a difference to communities in Senegal.


A team of Guingamp Rotarians arrived in Senegal in March 2016 and set about running projects improve communities.

 We are very proud to anounce that the team have:


Built 6 wells in St-Etenne, Badian 2, Nobou, Lamynia and Nyarikondon.

Installed  2 solar lamps in Lamynia and Badian 2.

Tiled 2 classrooms in Lamynia.

Built a fence around the area of the school of Badian 2 and trees for the shadow..

Made 6 beehives in St-Etienne and training of the village people.