The Golden Oldies trip 2016

Sun 4th September 2016 at 10.30 - 17.00

This year's trip was taking our clients on the Watercress Line

This year we lunched at the Prince Albert, Fleet and then had a very nice trip on the Watercress Line (a steam railway) from Alresford to Alton and back. A big "thank you" to the Rotarian helpers for their fantastic support on the day - giving lifts to our guests, helping them on/off the coach/train, silver spoon service at lunch and ensuring they had a very enjoyable day. We had some very positive feedback from our guests. One Rotarian went beyond ' Service above Self ' when he looked after a guest's dog which meant she was able to join us on the trip. Conversations between Rotarians and guests, guests and guests were valuable and enabled some of our quieter guests to reminisce about the 'good ol' days'. I was sitting next to a delightful young lady of 82 who was born in Hungary. She was forced to learn German at school, a few years later she had to learn Russian, in 1947 she had to learn English when she was reunited with her mother in London. She was at Wembley Stadium in 1953 when Hungary beat England 6~3 in front of a 105,000 crowd. She also remembered Whitton High St with a Woolworths and cinema ! Many thanks again. Peter Wilson

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