Communication and Publicity

On this page Rtn John Higgins, our Publicity Officer gives brief details what we achieved in 2015-16 and what our plans are for 2016-17.


Officer – John Higgins

We had another busy and successful year and communication and publicity played an important part in it. Following is a short report of what we did in 2015 – 16 and what we will be doing in 2016 – 17.

 Last year we submitted material to local newspapers – photos and reports of over 10 events have appeared – and to the District newsletter.

 6 editions of Crosstalk – of between 8 and 12 pages - have been published and distributed to members, Inner Wheel and friends of Rotary as well as being placed on the club website.

 Reports for the newsletter have been received from Inner Wheel Club, Sandbach Interact Club and Sandbach Academy RotaKids.

 The photographs and captions on the display boards have been kept up to date and the boards have been used at all Rotary events.

Short reports about club events and activities have been written for the club website.

Our plans for 2016—17


Communication plays an integral part in the promotion of the club. The following activities will be undertaken in the next year.

 News reports of club activities will be submitted to the local press, the Rotary District newsletter, and other publications as appropriate.

Six editions of the club newsletter, Crosstalk, will be published for club members, the Family of Rotary and the wider community via the website.

Members of the club, Sandbach Interact Club, Inner Wheel Club of Sandbach and the two RotaKids clubs will be encouraged to submit reports and photographs for the newsletter, the website and the Facebook page.

The display boards will be kept up to date with photographs and captions for use at various Rotary events.