President Sylvia's Pipe Line

We were most fortunate to awake on Saturday 2nd September 2017 to a beautiful morning, very welcome to everyone involved, together with the many visitors attending, another Kingsbridge Show.  We appreciate, very much, the help from Estuary Club assisting us in manning the Pylon Gate, also for volunteering to demonstrate Heart Start throughout the day.  I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the members from our club for their commitment, manning the gate & setting up the gazebo and manning it throughout the day.  The weather was perfect, unlike last year, which I am sure we all remember, when it poured with rain!

Catastrophe struck in the form of several hurricanes throughout the Caribbean early in September.  Many thanks to the four members of our club who volunteered at very short notice, to assist Estuary Rotary collecting at Tesco’s. Members of the public were extremely generous resulting in approximately £1000 in donations.  Another example of Rotarians working together.

It was interesting to have an up-date on Shelter Box from John Litchfield at our evening meeting.  Not only does Shelter Box provide the now well recognised “Shelter Box”, it also provides “Shelter Kits”.  This is a bag containing basic equipment, i.e. Spade, Saw, Hammer, Wire Cutters, Wire, Hoe, Tarpaulin, Nails, Screws, Wire, Rope etc.  In addition to the basic Shelter Kit bag, there is another larger version containing some variations to the basic bag, i.e. More than one

tarpaulin, mattress, water containers and solar lights.  The cost of the Basic Shelter Kit bag is £35.00. 

 Rotary still plays an important role in Shelter Box.  Rotary Clubs in the countries receiving Shelter Boxes help with the distribution etc of the boxes.   79% of all donations go directly to Shelter Box.

It is always a pleasure to welcome William Wills, Asst. Governor, who attended our meeting on September 18th2017.  It was interesting to hear William reporting that Rotary was experiencing difficulties finding new members. He explained it was a problem across Europe, although Rotary is thriving in other parts of the world.  It is somewhat comforting to know we are not alone in trying to encourage new members.  We have had a trial period of holding one meeting a month in the evening.  Sadly, this has not resulted with any new members, and only four or five members attending.  William also reported on the proposed Skittles Competition.  Our club has drawn Plymouth Mayflower Club (William’s club) for the first game to be held one evening in October. David Chubb agreed to organise this event.

Our first visit to the Metrological Office will be on November 25th 2017.  Many thanks to John Litchfield for organising this visit.  The maximum number per visit is ten people.  This number was achieved very quickly on a “first come first served” basis at our last Rotary meeting.  John has agreed he will try to arrange a further visit early in 2018 if enough members are interested.

My warmest wishes to you all as we wave farewell to the Summer and look forward to a happy & healthy Autumn, always remembering our motto “Service above Self”.