Club Administration.

What does Club Administration do and Club Administration Committee details for Rotary Year 2016-2017.

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Club Service - the first Avenue of Service, involves action a member should take within this club to help it function successfully.

The Club Service Committee carrys out the every day running of the Club.

Club Service Chairman is a member of Club Council and Reports directly to Club Council.

Chairman, Rotarian Lynn Gee.

Duties of Club Service Members:

Attendance, Almoner, Roger Heath

Speaker Secretary. Brian Cockrell

Also ex-officio members as deemed necessary (President, Secretary, Treasurer).

Club Service plans and organises event throughout the year to celebrate:

  • St. David's Day.
  • Burns Night.
  • St Patricks Day.
  • St Georges Day.
  • Liverpool Garston's Charter Night celebrating our Club's "Birthday" in October each year.

Club Service also organises collections for Rotary and Charitable Purposes during the year in the way of:

  • Bucket collections at local supermarkets.

During the Rotary Year Club Service Speaker Secretary arranges a full and very varied series of talks throughout the year.

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