Purple Crocus Appeal - End Polio Now

The Rotary Club of Bothwell & Uddingston is supporting the national 'End Polio Now' campaign.
Since 1985, Rotary International has been a major player in the fight to rid the world of polio. Over 2.5 billion children have now been vaccinated world-wide. Once eradicated, polio will be only the second disease in human history to be eradicated following ridding the world of smallpox back in 1979. When Rotary began the fight in 1985, polio affected some 350,000 people, mostly children, in 125 countries, every year. Since then, polio has been reduced by more than 99% and in 2012 (as of mid-December) only 213 cases had been reported, less than one case a day. With the effective vaccine available, ultimately no child need ever know the pain of infantile paralysis. But the job is not yet complete. Polio is still around, it does not respect borders and urgent additional investment is still required to achieve success.
Our Club strongly supports the "End Polio Now" programme and we will be working with local groups, Brighter Bothwell and Uddingston Pride as part of the Purple Crocus initiative to plant 25,000 crocuses in the local area over the next months. It is hoped this will help to raise public awareness of the ongoing polio eradication campaign and be a permanent reminder of Rotary's efforts in this area.  Bags of crocus will also be on sale at our annual Scarecrow Festival.