Collecting Milk Bottle Tops

A Rotary Bear sits proudly amongst a collection of bottle tops ready to be packed.

Collecting milk bottle tops may appear to be an easy task, and relatively speaking it is, until however you reach the situation where sackfuls of tops appear in your car.  That was the experience encountered when Rotarian Jilly Boocock, from the Rotary Club of Norwich St. Edmund informed me that she’d collected bottle tops etc. from a number of local cafes and restaurants in her home town.  It is difficult to say just how many tops were in Jilly’s car however, there wasn’t much room for anything else!  It was an amazing sight, and not to be daunted, the bags of tops were duly transferred from one car to another, before being checked and put into empty milk bottles and delivered to an appropriate re-cycling centre for collection.


Why should we be engaged with such an activity?  It is all in a good cause, namely the Matthew Project.  The charity was established to help support people with drug and alcohol related issues, plus providing innovative education about the risks of such matters.   One sixth form pupil commented “I’ll never take drugs.  Having met and listened to a former drug addict, I realised how your whole future is destroyed through such an abuse.”  The former drug addict was provided by The Matthew Project.  Having such an opportunity to hear ‘first hand’ the affects of drug abuse, certainly had an impact on one pupil, if not many others.


Since April 2015, 84 tonnes of plastic has been successfully recycled since the project began and over £650 raised for The Matthew Project.  This is a worthwhile and relatively straight forward project for Rotarians to engage with and the impact is huge.  For further information check on the website


Just to add that all the transport involved in delivering the tops was undertaken whilst travelling for other purposes!