The Rotary Polio Eradication Program

The Purple 4 Polio campaign is carried out every Autumn with the planting of crocuses in Great Harwood and Rishton

Rotary has been instrumental in helping the world to get rid of Polio forever.  After many years, a lot of effort and much money we are nearly there.  This latest campaign is another lift to achieve the Global aim.

Purple is synonymous with Polio eradication because the children who receive the vaccine have their finger coated in purple paint to show they have been immunised.

Here in Great Harwood and Rishton you will have seen purple croci coming up in many places for the last 3 years.

Our Friends from The Friends of Memorial Park group helped us to plant 2.000 crocus in 45 minutes (is that a record?) and they are now blooming lovely.

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