Purple Crocuses for World Polio

Planting Purple Crocuses for World Polio 2016

World Polio Day will be taking place on Monday 24th October 2016, and to mark this occasion the Rotary Club of Whitley Bay has purchased and planted over 4000 purple crocus bulbs at the entrance to Waves Leisure Centre. This is to mark and support Rotary Internationals ‘Purple 4 Polio Day’, a National Rotary planting project which is taking place all over Europe in the coming weeks.

All the monies raised to purchase the crocus bulbs will help to fund the vaccination costs worldwide.

Rotary President Brian Royce explains ;  Fighting polio has been International Rotary's main humanitarian focus for over thirty years.  We are now within reach of eradicating the disease completely and to date over 2.5 billion children worldwide have been vaccinated. The purple crocus bulb has been chosen because it highlights the colour of the marker dye applied as an indicator to the little finger of each vaccinated child’.

So, will there be ‘Waves’ of purple crocus flowers in front of Whitley Bay’s Leisure Centre next Spring ?  ...We all hope so.

The club would like to express their thanks to North Tyneside Council and the staff of the Leisure Centre for allowing the Rotary Club to highlight this world wide crippling disease.

Our picture shows from left to right ;  Rotarians Tore Skj