Monthly Newsletter


Club Bulletin - November 2017
Tuesday 7th
Ten members present for an informal club night. There was some general discussion on upcoming meetings with likely attendances being noted.
It was agreed to support the campaign for the homeless by making a donation of £100 to the Edinburgh "rough sleeping" event being held in December.
Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie

Tuesday 14th
Ten members again. It was agreed to cover the cost of a new engraving plate on the TL Murray trophy to accommodate new winners - likely to cost about £60.
We had as our speaker for the night Stephen Kay, Education Officer for Dumfries House. Stephen had been appointed in 2011 and was responsible for introducing and developing learning experiences for a wide variety of the community. He emphasised the value of "learning by doing" and gave examples of projects for school children and young adults. These included food education, farming, engineering, music, arts, hospitality etc. He also gave brief details of new projects in the offing to widen opportunities to adult groups and families. This was an interesting and thought provoking talk.
Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman

Tuesday 21st
This meeting heralded the return of our President Arlene McCrorie from her extended holiday cruise "down under" - refreshed but not yet back to "stability".
We had a report from those members who had attended the recent Charter Dinner at Loudoun Rotary. Catering and entertainment had been thoroughly enjoyed. It was noticed in passing that our own 60th Charter birthday occurs in March 2018 and some thought will need to be given to it if we wish it to be commemorated in some way.
The Interact Club is running a Bottle Stall again at this year's Christmas Festival in Cumnock Town Square.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle

Tuesday 28th
A disappointing turn out (7) to hear our speaker Fiona Lees, who is Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council. Fiona gave a very good account of the wide range of functions and services of the Council. All councils are facing a challenging time in utilising their budgets to maximum effect, and have struggled for several years to match expectations. Results in East Ayrshire compare favourably with other council areas.
We had a report on the Interact Club's efforts at the Christmas Festival. Despite a very cold but dry day and seemingly reduced attendances, their Bottle Stall made a profit of over £600. Well done! We also heard that a good number of pupils from Auchinleck Academy are keen to join Interact which is an encouraging sign for the future of the group.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle

Club Bulletin - October 2017
Tuesday 3rd
The club welcomed a visit by District Governor Gary Loutit, who spoke on the theme of "Making a Difference". He gave examples of initiatives tried elsewhere and urged us to continue with our own efforts in spite of our lack of numbers. He had been very impressed by the performance of our Interactors at the recent District Conference.
Prior to his address, we had a report from Past President Iain Christie and President Arlene McCrorie on the District Conference. They too commented on the great reception given to the Interactors for their presentation, with many representatives looking for some follow up. The Purple4Polio Crocus distribution went very well and guest speaker Ruth Davidson, MSP, had been well received.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 10th
A normal club night with 8 members. General discussion on club matters, including:  
indoor games night, fixed for Friday 10th November
Tesco grants scheme
survey of members' interest in club roles they 'might' undertake
Prize Draw winner - Roger Clark

Tuesday 17th
A better attendance (10) for another club night. Further discussion on:
indoor games night (games, buffet, charges)
crocus planting (fixed for Saturday 28th October)
Interact meetings
schools enterprise scheme (could be 9 schools participating this year)
Tesco grants scheme
Past President Iain Christie gave a report on a recent District Cluster meeting he had attended. Various joint projects are in an early planning stage.
Prize Draw winner - John Swanson

Tuesday 24th
Our speaker tonight was well known local author Dane Love, who gave an illustrated talk on a "Trip Up the Glenmuir", a local but almost forgotten part of the Cumnock and district landscape. His talk was stimulating and greatly appreciated and he was quickly invited to return at a later date to give a talk on the Covenanters.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 31st
A small attendance tonight - only 7.  
Stand in chairman, PP Iain Christie, gave a report on a meeting of Head Boys and Head Girls (including Cumnock Academy) at Park Hotel, Kilmarnock to hear a talk given by Ayrshire MSP Brian Whittle which seemed to get a good response from those attending 
A stalwart band of 6 Rotarians ignored the wet and windy conditions to plant the second batch of crocus bulbs at the local hospital grounds on Saturday 28th. Well done!
We heard that the joint Burns Night with Loudoun will be held on 9th January 2018 at Newmilns Bowling Club
It was agreed to postpone the proposed Indoor Games night to Spring 2018 to allow more time for planning and preparation
Prize Draw winner - John Swanson

Club Bulletin - September 2017

Tuesday 5th
A club night with 9 members. An opportunity to report on and discuss various ideas:
Agnes Cowan presented a well received draft letter to be sent to all primary schools to promote the pupils' enterprise scheme
Roger Clark reported on an approach he had made to Tesco to make use of their "blue token" scheme to give funds to local community action groups
Details were circulated of the Troon Rotary local grants scheme to provide funds to a selected community group on a monthly basis
Inviting parents to see their Interactors at work could be a means of promoting Rotary and getting new members
Members to be surveyed to help identify roles within the club which they might be prepared to tackle in the next year or two
Prize Draw won by President Arlene Arlene Mccrorie

Tuesday 12th
Another club night - 11 members this time.
Wendy Pring has requested an extended leave of absence which was agreed unanimously. Her eventual return will be greatly welcomed
Charity Golf Day and Croquet event still dependent on weather conditions and likely attendances
Joint Burns Night with Loudoun may be expanded to include Inner Wheel
Invitation received to participate in Hunterston Rotary Quiz Competition at Saltcoats on October 18
An introduction to Curling has been arranged for December 3
Club will set up local grants scheme (similar to Troon Rotary) probably in November to start early in 2018
In light of worsening conditions on a global scale (earthquakes, hurricanes, war refugees etc), it was agreed to purchase a Shelter Box now from existing funds
An indoor games night to be held in the Royal Hotel is being considered as an alternative fund-raising event to Croquet, or as an extra to widen the appeal to a wider group of people
Prize Draw winner - Jim Wilson

Tuesday 19th
Another club night with 11 members attending.
Convenor Jim Wilson gave a report on the Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle on Thursday 14th. Twelve teams turned up, the weather was dry although the course was damp, and apart from some minor "accidents" everyone enjoyed their day. Catering was excellent and the money-raising activities (auctions, raffles etc) were very well supported. A net profit of about £4500 was made and our two chosen charities' representatives each received cheques for £1500 on the day
The proposed Croquet day has now been dropped and an indoor games night in the Royal Hotel will possibly be planned for November
Draft letters and forms for the Schools Enterprise project and the Community Grants scheme were circulated for information and comment. Members signed up to delivering the school forms by hand
Prize Draw winner - President Arlene Arlene Mccrorie

Tuesday 26th
A club night but also an opportunity to present "officially" a cheque for £1500 to Billy Herd on behalf of the "New MSH" project. Billy gave us some further background to his own involvement in the project.
Agnes Cowan gave a report on the TL Murray Golf Day at Ballochmyle on Monday 25th. There were six competitors including Agnes and Gordon Anderson. The course was wet, the golf was "as expected", the weather was good (until the mist closed in on the last few holes) and the meal in the clubhouse was excellent. A new winner was awarded the trophy - Dave Perriman.  Congratulations!
Stand-in President Iain Christie reported that the purple crocus bulbs have been received for distribution for this year's Polio Day events
He also gave an update on Interact with some new members attending and some changes to school staff 
Members were urged to complete the survey of "offers" to undertake club duties for the next year or two
Envelopes containing details of the enterprise scheme were distributed among members to be hand delivered to Primary School headteachers
Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman. A winning streak this week.

Photo shows club members with Billy Herd and cheque for the "Buy Malcolm Sargent House" project.

Club Bulletin - August 2017

Tuesday 1st August

A good turn-out (12) for a club night. Disappointment was expressed that the Croquet event had to be postponed again, due to poor weather prospects.   No date yet for another attempt.

Jim Kyle reported on the progress of the fund-raising Calendar - to be ready in a few weeks.

Barbara Goudie and Gerald Alexander gave an indication of the wide range of speakers and outside visits being planned.

Jim Wilson reported on the progress being made on the Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle.

Arrangements made for a Scatter Night next week - with Loudoun, Troon, Strathaven and Kilmarnock as options.

Prize Draw winner - Jimmy McGhee.

Thursday 3rd August

The golfing expeditions continued - this time to Brunston Castle to compete for the Roger Clark "memorial" trophy (he's no deid yet!).   The usual suspects faced a long course - warnings had been given - it took very nearly 6 hours to complete the round.   However it wasn't the length of the course that was the problem - it was the length of the rough, which gobbled up at least 2 dozen golf balls.   Scores therefore were as high as the grass and the sense of frustration.   Through it all the player who performed best and won the trophy was - Roger Clark - for the third consecutive time.   Congratulations!   The trophy will now be known as the Roger Clark "monopoly" trophy.

Tuesday 8th August

This was our annual Scatter Night to other Rotary Clubs in the District.   Four members went to Ayr, three to Troon and two to Loudoun.   All were well received and had a variety of experiences to share - eating arrangements, money raising ideas, support to local groups and individuals etc.   A worthwhile exchange.

Tuesday 15th August

Our proposed speaker, DG Gary Loutit, was unable to attend but we were visited by Margaret Morton, Immediate Past President of Strathaven who told us about her "recruitment" to Rotary. 

We had reports on the golf outing and scatter visits.

Supplies of our new promotional Club Calendar were available for free distribution - a good looking production.

Arrangements for our Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle were finalised.

The Prize Draw winner was Margaret Morton - another lucky visitor!

Tuesday 22nd August

Unfortunately our Charity Golf event had to be cancelled at short notice due to wet ground conditions.   Will try again on Thursday 14th September.

A third attempt to hold a Croquet day will be made on Sunday 3 September

We had a talk this evening on the changes in banking generally and in the RBS in particular from Bobby Watson, Community Manager and Erica Downie, Digital and Mobile Banking Adviser.   Change seems to be inevitable with more branch closures to come, and adapting to the changes will be necessary.   Bobby and Erica outlined the type of help they can offer.

Prize Draw winner was Dave Perriman.

Tuesday 29th August

This was a special night. Six members of the Interact Club had been invited to enable 3 of them to have a trial run of the presentation they are to give at the District Conference at the end of September.   Luke McBlain, Rachel McCrorie and Callum Bain gave a well prepared and well packaged "slide show" supplemented by explanatory comments describing the early years of the club and its activities.
There was general agreement that this was an excellent display produced by three confident and impressive young people.   The District Conference has a treat in store and it will be  great experience for the young Interactors.

Our tribulations continue - our Croquet Day had to be postponed yet again - the new date (hopeful) is 24 September

Prize Draw winner tonight was President Arlene McCrorie.  

Club Bulletin - July 2017

Tuesday 4th

Independence day in the USA - and a fitting day to have 2 Rotarian visitors from Missouri. This was our Handover night and our visitors - Greg and Kathleen Boswell had volunteered to give a brief account of their hometown - Sedalia. Its history dates back to the 1860s when the new railroad town of Sedalia began to take shape. The cowboys who drove cattle to the railhead inspired the "Rawhide" film and TV series featuring a young Clint Eastwood, and Scott Joplin grew up there before starting his musical career in piano ragtime. An unusual and interesting hhistory.

The Handover procedures then took place, with President Iain Christie handing over the chain of office to incoming President Arlene McCrorie, proudly watched by her husband Neil and daughter Rachel. Thanks were given to all the office bearers for their efforts and support over the past year.

Two stalwart members were rewarded for their special efforts for the club. Jim Kyle was awarded the Loudoun Trophy for among other things his recruitment of family and other members for our joint Burns Night with Loudoun and his special support of the revived P7 Quiz competition - and Jimmy McGhee was awarded the Inner Wheel Quaich for his regular supply of snacks at club events and distribution of P7 dictionaries around the schools.

There were 2 prize winners in the expanded raffle (to include guest family members) - John Swanson and Rachel McCrorie.

Tuesday 11th

This was a normal club night with reports and announcements:

  1. Members were reminded that moneys raised in the recent Sponsored Walk on the River Ayr Way should now be passed to Treasurer Agnes

  2. There was also a reminder that club fees for 2017/18 are now due

  3. Further reports of P7 Prizegiving Days were given

  4. It was suggested that all primary schools in the area should be contacted at the start of next term (August/September) to make them aware of our schemes for pupils (P7 dictionaries, enterprise scheme and P7 quiz) to be followed up with reminders and updates throughout the school year

  5. Charges for the upcoming Croquet Day will be £15 for adults and £5 for under 18s

  6. The possibility of holding a "coffee and biscuits" type of information meeting for potential new members was supported, possibly in September/October

Prize Draw winner tonight was Iain Christie - after drawing out his own number!

Tuesday 18th

This was a quiet club night with 8 members present. The weather forecast and attendance forecast for this coming weekend resulted in the decision to postpone the Croquet for another week. The Prize Draw was won by Agnes Cowan.

Friday 21st

The intrepid four (Jim Wilson, Dave Perriman, Roger Clark and John Swanson) took part in another Charity Golf Day, this time run by Thornhill Rotary. The weather was a little kinder (it only rained for part of the time) and the golf was a mixed bag. No prizes were earned (golfing or raffle) but the meal in the clubhouse was very satisfying. Maybe in future we should just go for the meal?

Tuesday 25th

Another club night focussing on recent and upcoming events:

  1. Jim Wilson gave a report on the Thornhill golf outing and tied up arrangements for the postponed Croquet Day

  2. Secretary Dave circulated a calendar of meetings and events already earmarked for the coming year and asked convenors to update and add to the list where appropriate

  3. Past President Iain confirmed that an order for another 5000 crocus corms has been placed, to be added to the site at the local hospital

  4. The possibility of the club producing its own Christmas Card for fundraising purposes is to be explored

  5. The Prize Draw winner this week was Roger Clark

Club Bulletin - June 2017mm

Club Bulletin - June 2017

Tuesday 6th

Only 6 members tonight - 4 members away taking part in a Charity Golf event run by Hunterston Rotary at Largs Golf Club.

Some informal discussion took place on further ideas for activities and events in the new Rotary year. The Prize Draw was won by Jim Liddell.

The 4 intrepid golfing members (Jim Wilson, Roger Clark, Dave Perriman and John Swanson) turned up at Largs Golf Club on a non-stop wet and miserable day hoping the event would be postponed. No such luck! After more than 4 hours of splashing around the golf course, the dripping wet golfers returned to the clubhouse for a well-earned and much appreciated meal. No golfing prizes were earned on this occasion but Roger and John both won bottles of wine in the raffle. And the Charity Appeal earned about £3000 - so well worth it.

Tuesday 13th

A better turnout this week (12) for what should have been our Club Assembly. There were however too many pressing items of business:

  • P7 Dictionaries - arrangements for distribution to the schools were made, and volunteers identified to attend each school's prizegiving day

  • Sponsored Walk - travel arrangements made for 2 groups, one starting at Catrine, the other at Glenbuck, both walking to finish up at Fisherman's Bridge

  • Charity Golf, Ballochmyle - the charities to benefit are to be the Butterfly Trust and the Malcolm Sargeant House replacement scheme

  • Primary School Enterprise - Greenmill PS has conducted a keyrings production business which provided a modest profit but valuable learning experiences

  • Prize Draw - winner was Agnes Cowan

Sunday 18th

Day of Sponsored Walk. A warm dry sunny day provided ideal conditions , and Jimmy McGhee kindly provided refreshments and snacks. The group starting from Catrine enjoyed a pleasant meander to Sorn, and then a challenging obstacle course up and down hills, through shoulder-high vegetation, across the wetlands of Airds Moss and finally a seemingly receding finishing point "just around the next bend". The group from Glenbuck had a relatively uneventful amble to Fisherman's Bridge, arriving before the other group. There were 16 humans (including 4 Interactors) and 3 dogs taking part.

Tuesday 20th

This was the evening for our rescheduled Club Assembly and we had an attendance of 13.

We first heard from Barbara Goudie of her recent exhilarating experience on a Zip Slide over the River Ayr. She thanked members for their sponsorship and had raised over £200 by her efforts for the Malcolm Sargeant replacement project.

Reports from convenors on plans for the coming year were given. These included club night and social activities as well as service projects and fundraising ideas. We were reminded that the annual subscription will be renewable from 1 July.

The Prize Draw winner was Arlene McCrorie.

Tuesday 27th

Another club night and a chance to tie up loose ends for the 2016-17 year.

  •   We started with reports of Prize Giving ceremonies attended by some of our members to hand out dictionaries to P7 pupils
  • Jim Kyle said that work on a club calendar paid for by local adverts is now well under way

  • We also heard about Jimmy McGhee's attendance at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, and his interview with the BBC TV "Landward" programme on the 150th celebration of the Pollock firm

  • We then spent some time in our 2 sub groups preparing a rough calendar of events for the coming year

  • Roger Clark won the Prize Draw money, this time by getting the closest guess to the sum of money collected on club nights (raffle money and loose change) over the last year - over £400.

Club Bulletin - May 2017

Tuesday 2nd

Our speaker tonight was our own Jimmy McGhee who had been asked to talk about his "new" book now in production.
Jimmy explained that it is likely to be the only book he will produce but he felt that it was something he had to do to preserve the history of the Pollock agricultural machinery firm which was celebrating its 150th anniversary
He gave a brief account of its early days and of the wide variety of tools and equipment which had been patented and sold around the world

He also spoke of his own involvement, starting as a young apprentice in 1967, then as an office worker, then a sales rep and finally taking over the firm when former Rotarian John Pollock retired in 1998

Jimmy's tale was greatly appreciated by members and it was probably appropriate that he won the evening's Prize Draw.

Some further arrangements for the P7 Quiz and the River Ayr Walk were announced, and President Iain also drew attention to the upcoming District Assembly.

Tuesday 9th

We had 4 visiting Rotarians from Kilmarnock on a Scatter night exploit but none of them volunteered to be speaker for the night! Instead we focussed on the following:

Report from Jim Wilson and Bruce Harris of their recent participation in a Rotary Golf Competition at Carnoustie. They finished a creditable 5th out of 26 teams. Well done.

AGM fixed for 23 May and Club Assembly for 13 June

Prize Draw winner was Barbara Goudie

Tuesday 16th

This week our speaker was Billy Herd who is a fundraiser for a replacement for the Malcolm Sargeant House in Prestwick recently closed down. He explained that the new building would be designed to provide more attractive and more practical facilities and cater for more than one family at a time. His small voluntary group has organised a variety of fundraising activities (already more than £100,000) and he invited us to participate if possible. One or two members showed an interest in a Zip Slide project over the River Ayr!

The Prize Draw was won by John Swanson.

Tuesday 23rd

This was our Annual General Meeting. We started with 2 reports:

Treasurer Agnes told us about a useful session for Club Treasurers that she had attended at the District Assembly

We also heard about Greenmill P7 team's participation in the District Quiz, in which they performed well (10th out of 21 teams) and had a good time too.

We then proceeded to the formal AGM with reports and recommendations for the future (minutes to be provided separately).

The Prize Draw was won by Bruce Harris.

Tuesday 30th

Only 9 members tonight but we covered quite a lot of business.

President Iain reported on a Community Clean-up in the Townhead Street area of Cumnock which he had taken part in as a Rotary volunteer
It was decided to donate £200 to the recent Manchester bombing appeal (£150 to Isle of Barra community and £50 to the main general appeal)

Croquet Day at Barskimming likely to be on Sunday 23 July

4 charities were identified as possible beneficiaries of this year's Charity Golf Day at Ballochmyle. Other options to be considered.

Prize Draw was won by Gerald Alexander - after it was revealed last week that he was the only member who had never won it since he joined last year! It makes you think!

We then split into our 2 service groupings (Club and Community) to begin process of making plans for 2017/18.

Club Bulletin - APRIL 2017

Tuesday 4th

This was a club night with 11 members present.   Attention was given to the following:

·       Treasurer Agnes presented the accounts for 2015/16 and these were accepted formally.   It was agreed to donate the sum of £200 to the D.E.C. appeal for famine relief in East Africa.

·       It was reported that Interact had held their end of term events as planned and raised £110 from a Bake Sale and £420 from the Dress Down Day.

·       It was agreed that our proposed Sponsored Walk would hopefully raise funds for Purple4Polio campaign.   The route is still to be determined.

·       A previous report that the purple crocuses at the local hospital had been mown down in their prime was corrected by President Iain - they had not been 'decapitated' but had 'expired naturally'!

·       The District Final for the P7 Quiz will be held on 23 May in Pollok Burgh Hall.   A minibus will need to be arranged.

·       Jars of jam (greengage) were distributed at £2 per jar with suggestions for fund-raising ideas for the Purple4Polio campaign.

·       President Elect Arlene gave a brief account of the nature and impact of RBS branch closures in the area

The Prize Draw winner was Roger Clark.

Tuesday 11th

Another club night with 8 members plus 3 guests of Jim Liddell (family members - Martin, Kath and Sophie).

·       Roger Clark announced that the Cumnock Academy entrant in the District Young Photographer competition had been runner-up - well done!

·       Further discussion on the proposed Sponsored Walk.   Likely to be 2 groups walking in to Limmerhaugh (Fisherman's Bridge) from opposite directions.   Sponsoring methods to be considered.

·       Prize Draw winner was Jim Wilson

Tuesday 18th

A good turnout (12) to hear our speaker Judy Ferguson from the local Women's Aid group.   Judy had been invited to our meeting to receive a cheque for £750 being monies raised at our recent Swishing Day.   She gave a brief account of the work of the group and of the nature of the circumstances which can lead to women (and some men) seeking support.   She expressed her gratitude for the financial support offered.

·       Bruce Harris has agreed to be nominated as President Elect for next year.

·       Members hoping to participate in the proposed Sponsored Walk indicated their preferences for the section of walk to be tackled.

·       Interact's meetings are now likely to be curtailed by school exam pressures.

Prize Draw winner was Arlene McCrorie.

Tuesday 25th

A club night again with 8 members plus a visiting Rotarian from our mother club Ayr - Neil Beattie.   Reports as follows:

·       Interact has now decided to split the proceeds of its fund-raising efforts (about £1500) - £1000 to Hillside School and £400 to international charity Medecins sans Frontieres.

·       Greenmill Primary is developing a new approach to its Enterprise Scheme this year - hopefully we can encourage other schools to consider this.

·       President Iain gave an update on Rotary grant procedures.

This week's Prize Draw was won by Jim Wilson - second time this month!



 Club Bulletin - MARCH 2017

Tuesday 7th                                                                                                                                                                                    

Almost a full turnout for a club night, only President Iain apologising for being on holiday again!

·       Roger Clark gave an update on the Young Photographers competition and displayed the Cup Trophy for the Primary 7 Quiz competition duly engraved with the name of the winning team - Greenmill Primary School

·       Agnes Cowan gave an update on the Ladies Swishing Day to be held on Sunday 12th March.   It has been a hectic period for the organising group and they are to be commended for their unstinting efforts

·       The Prize Draw was won by John Swanson

·       Agnes in her role as Treasurer distributed copies of the Financial Accounts for the club for the year ended 30 June 2016

Sunday 12th

The Ladies Swishing Day was held in the Dumfries Arms Hotel.   The attendance was down on previous years, which was disappointing and affected the amount of cash to be raised for charity.   However over £700 was collected and it was agreed to donate this to Women's Aid.   A review of the event will now be held to see what lessons can be learned for future years.

Tuesday 14th

A smaller turnout than usual (8) to hear our speaker, Simon Leitch, recently appointed Head Teacher of Greenmill P S.   He spoke enthusiastically about his new role and of the educational challenges ahead, particularly the Curriculum for Excellence  which has many critics but also many supporters.

The Prize Draw was won this week by Bruce Harris.

Thursday 16th

The winner's trophy for the P7 Quiz was presented to the Greenmill P S team by Roger Clark, Jim Kyle and Dave Perriman.

Tuesday 21st

This was a well attended club night (only President Iain missing) and it was supplemented by 2 student teachers from Belgium as guests of Barbara Goudie.   Madison Robert and Vanessa Simonval gave a brief account of their experiences so far, at Cumnock Academy and on excursions throughout Ayrshire.

Updates were given on the following:

·       Interact     Fund raising efforts have gone well this year with more than £1000 collected.   The bulk of it will go to Hillside School.   Over 8oo spectacles have been collected and passed on to Shaw's Opticians for onward transmission overseas.   Further fundraising includes a Bake Sale and a Dress Down Day at end of term.  

·       Purple for Polio     Supplies of jam and tea for fundraising  purposes will be distributed among members.   It was reported that the crocuses planted at the local hospital have been mown down!

Sponsored Walk     It is proposed to hold this event on Sunday 18 June, probably following the River Ayr from Muirkirk to Sorn.

The Prize Draw was won by Barbara Goudie.

Tuesday 28th

Another poorly attended meeting (only 8 including President Iain back from holiday) to hear our speaker for the night.   This was Debbie Skeoch, Head Teacher of Hillside School.   Using images and charts projected on to a screen, she gave us a good idea of what the school was all about.  

It attempts to serve the educational and support needs of children and young people who suffer from the severer forms of physical and mental disability.   The 25 pupils aged 5-18 are supported through a variety of life and social skills training, often on a one-to-one basis.   Modern technology is now a great help (although expensive) as well as music therapy and pet therapy.

This week's Prize Draw winner was Bruce Harris.

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