Santa Clause is coming to Town

Santa has given some of his time to come and see the people in our area. To find out where you can see him just read on. Evening routes are 6pm - 8pm

Day & Date Town 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Thursday Baldock London Road Page Close
29th November   Woodland Way Beechridge Way
    Chiltern Road London Road Right Hand
Friday  Baldock  Aleyn Way Merchants Walk
30th November Clothall Common Constantine Place Ringtale Place
    Chauncy Gardens Maltings Close
    Barley Rise Walnut Avenue
    Laxton Gardens Walnut Avenue
Saturday Sainsburys  9-30  to   16-30  
1st December      
Sunday  Sainsburys 10-00  to 16-00  
2nd December      
Monday Baldock   Bygrave Road Larkins Close
3rd December   Salisbury Road North Road
    Icknield Way East Bramley Close
    Grosvenor Road Grosvenor Road West
Tuesday Baldock The Sycamores Norton road
4th December   West Avenue Norton Crescent
    Pepys Way Coachmans Lane
    Hopewell Road Letchworth Road
Wednesday Baldock Weston Way Chilvers Bank
5th December   The Leas The Rise
    St Marys Way  
Thursday Baldock Stane Street Hurst Close
6th December Clothall Common Rivett Close Iredale Way
    Eisenburg Close Rhee Spring
    Orwell View Rye Gardens
Friday Baldock Hillcrest Nightingale Road
7th December   Elmwood Close Mons Avenue
    Clare Crescent Willian Way
    Weston Way (Top) Ashtons Lane
    London Road Left Side  
Monday Ashwell Ashwell Street Angels Meadow
10th December   Kingsland Way Silver Street
    Bear Lane Dixies Close
    Back Street High Street
Tuesday Baldock Holroyd Crescent Park Drive
11th December   Park Close Park Crescent
    The Rowans Alder Close
    Mansfield Road Park Street
Wednesday Baldock Anchor Road Turpins Way
12th December   Pryor Way Byrd Walk
    Ivel Way  
Thursday Weston Friars Road Hitchin Road
13th December   Cul-de-Sacs Damask Close
    Damask Green Road Forge End
    Maiden Street Munts Meadow
    Mill Lane  
Friday Baldock Pembroke Road Pinnocks Lane
14th December   Clothall Road Roman Lane
    South Road South Close
    Limekiln Lane Penfold Close
    Providence Way  
Monday  Baldock Football Close Jackson Street
17th December   Orchard Road Church Street
    Pond Lane Brewery Lane
    The Gardens Hitchin Street
    Simpson Drive Thurnall Close
Tuesday Baldock Clothall Westell Close Bush Spring
18th December Common Mercia Road Wynn Close
    Weavers Way Downlands
    Sale Drive Kings Mount
Wednesday Bygrave    
19th December      
Friday  Tesco 9:30 to 16:30  
21st December      
Saturday Tesco 9:30 to 16:30  
22nd December      

(ALL fields required)