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Becoming a Rotarian

If you’d like to find out more about joining us, the simplest thing to do is to come to breakfast. That way you can meet us and find out a lot more about how it all works.

Every Thursday we meet in the Mulberry Suite at the Open University from about 7 am, sit down to breakfast at 7.30 and finish by 8.30. Rest assured that you can get away promptly at 8.30. Even when we have a speaker, we ensure that we finish on the dot to allow everyone to get on with the rest of Thursday.


There is a joining fee of £25 charged by RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland).

We make a monthly charge of £11 (to cover an affiliation fee to Rotary International, a small contribution to Rotary Foundation – our international charity and club running costs). On top is a charge of £8 for each breakfast meeting attended (this includes a full English breakfast).  If you come most weeks, your maximum monthly payment will be £37.

For administrative ease this is collected by a monthly standing order of either £19 or £37 (the amount depending on your expected attendance at Thursday meetings). Every six months we adjust your payment to reflect your actual attendance, but no one pays more than £35 per month.

On top of that most of us buy a £1 raffle ticket for the weekly raffle – the prize is supplied by the individual on Welcome Duty, which we take in turn.

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Preston Ayres on 07889 055599 or e-mail

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