It's in the bag!


The Rotary Clubs of East Sutherland and Tain joined forces with the very active Interact Clubs of Dornoch Academy and Golspie High School for 2 Saturdays helping shoppers at Tain’s Tesco and ASDA stores by packing their bags during the run in to Christmas.  Due to the generosity of the shoppers and the expert packing and friendly and positive attitude of the Interact members this raised £1,100 for good causes supported by the clubs.  Santa hats, antlers and silly jumpers were augmented by wide smiles and a Ho Ho Ho which ensured that all enjoyed the occasion.  While the money was important the most important part of the exercise was to spread cheer and to show the public what Rotary for all ages can do across the community by working together.  Customers were impressed to hear of the over £110,000 raised by the clubs in recent years and the good work done on practical issues by all 4 clubs.  It was also an excellent opportunity to interact with the public and be able to reinforce the inclusive nature of Rotary membership.  Rotary is for all who have an active interest in their local, national and international communities and wish to contribute to their success.  A great public relations day during which our youth groups really demonstrated that ‘We’re for Communities’.