Sitting with Jane

Explaining why Basingstoke Deane Rotary Club is pleased to be one of the Bookbench sponsors, President Alan Gibson said:

“The Basingstoke Deane Rotarians are at the heart of the local community, and our club has a proud track record of supporting local good causes and important projects. Sitting With Jane is an exciting cultural, educational and legacy initiative that will ultimately benefit Ark Cancer Centre Charity – one of the local charities that the Rotary Club is delighted to support – through the proceeds that are raised when the Bookbenches are auctioned. Sitting With Jane is also a great opportunity to raise wider public awareness of what the Rotary Club does, and to show potential members how Rotarians have fun and make a positive difference.”

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Important Dates

v 5 to 9 June – School mini BookBenches displayed

v 12 June – Bookbench App goes live

v 14/15/16 June - Bookbenches installed

v 14/15 June – Press Preview : 17 June – Trail Live

v 18 July – Unveiling of Jane Austen Statue

v 30/31 August – De-installation of bookbenches

v 8/9/10 September – Farewell Party & Event

v 15 September – Auction of bookbenches

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