Community Responders

A talk by Marc Lister

The NHS  sent a very knowledgeable Marc Lister  to explain his role as Trainer for  Community Responders . These are ordinary people who, after receiving a minimum of 2 full days' training and a few hours accompanying experienced responder, are deemed to know enough to make a vital contribution. The training given is on life support, Oxygen therapy, Use of defibrillator, Care of Unconscious patient, Medical Emergencies, Minor Trauma and Health and Safety. 

Responders are voluntary, can offer a few hours availability (whenever they can) at a time but can arrive at the scene of a trauma faster than an ambulance..... and getting to someone who has had a hear attack earlier than an ambulance can make the difference between life and death. Following a heart attack, for every minute that goes by, the chances of recovery are diminished by 20%. Members of the Rotary Club of Amersham were asked to volunteer, spread the word of the importance of this service and to help raise the cash to buy the kit (including defibrillators). Each new Responder needs £300 worth of kit!
Amersham currently has two trained responders but more than 30 are needed to cover the local area
For further information e-mail or call 08005870207