Youth Speaks 2017

Youth Speaks - Intermediate Level 2017

This was held at the Park School Yeovil with the kind permission of Mrs J. Huntingdon (headmistress), We had three Teams competing who were coached by Ms Lorna Storey (Drama Teacher).

The topics for discussion were:

Does technology get in the way of life


English/American language faults.

The Judges were Mrs Sandra Snelling (Chair), Mr Peter Scarlett and Mr Phillip Skelhorn,

After the three Teams had presented their discussion points, the Judges retired to an ante-room (with a cup of tea) to adjudicate. Mrs Snelling then very ably reviewed the strengths and areas that required more attention for each of the participating Teams and announced the results.

The Winning Team to go forward to the next round was Team C, Chairperson Issy Routh, Speaker, Iris Dobrescu and Proposer, Roberta Simpson, their Prize was Presented by Mrs Snelling and their Certificates by our President Peter Prager.

All the Participants were presented with a certificate recording their taking part in the competition.

President of Yeo-Vale Rotary Mr Peter Prager thanked the Competitors, Judges, audience, Mrs Huntingdon and George Pointing for organising the event.