The Inauguration of Garth Satellite Club

Tue 6th February 2018 at 19.00 - 22.30

The Rotary Club. of Chelwood Bridge inaugurates a Satellite Club in Y Garth Wales.

There was a warm welcome in the valley for those of us from Chelwood Bridge and our DG who crossed the Severn for the inauguration of Y Garth Satellite Club.

It was a rare privilege for members of an English club to be able to welcome so many like minded men and women living in Wales into the International Family of Rotary.

President-to-be, Charles and his colleagues, made us feel very much at home in the Lewis Arms in the village of Pentyrch.

We were all disappointed that illness prevented Doug, the conduit between us, from attending this unique event but we are united in committing ourselves to developing a long and enduring friendship.

With Garth Mountain overlooking the inauguration, I think we can collectively say (with a little poetic licence) “we went up a hill but came down a mountain.”

On behalf of Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club, I welcome the members of Garth and wish each and every one of them continued enjoyment and success. President Vic Clarke, Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club.

  Newly formed Rotary Satellite Club of Chelwood Bridge, Y Garth, Wales, welcomed it’s host club Chelwood Bridge to their Inauguration evening at Pentyrch on Tuesday 6th February. It was an excellent evening all round. Both district governors attended, from District 1200 Stuart Cursley and the local governor Maggie Hughes who both presented Rotary pins to all new Garth members. Garth rotary is now officially part of the wider rotary network and is keen to continue it’s already good works in the community and eventually further afield. President to be Charles Middleton states that Garth and Chelwood Bridge would always maintain strong links in the future. A big thanks must go to Doug Nash from Chelwood Bridge, whose efforts made this possible. Also to the energy and fellowship from the satellite members, It was uplifting to be there to experience the birth of a new club. The message should be that anyone can do this now without the perceived constraints of traditional clubs.

   L to R, Charles Middleton, Vic Clarke, Maggie Hughes, & Stuart Cursley.