Review the Committee Structure 2017

Review of Committee Structure

Dear Rotarians

If you were present at the AGM you will remember that we considered whether to review the Committee Structure. We had invited members to notify Paul Wilkinson of any issues which they thought should be addressed in such a review. The outcome was that it was decided not to make changes so close to the beginning of a new Rotary year but to ask the incoming Council to review the structure and recommend any changes during 2017/18, for implementation at the beginning of 2018/19.

On 11th April there was Meeting of the current and incoming councils and we discussed whether any of the issues raised by members could be resolved in the short term. We quickly reached the view that some changes were appropriate and that they should be introduced sooner, rather than wait a year.

The meeting identified a proposed structure which we now ask members to consider. It is set out on the attached paper. We intend to discuss this at next Tuesday's meeting with a view to making a decision on it and implementing the outcome from 1st July 2017.

Whatever structure is agreed, our Secretary will be sending a Committee Preference Form to every member inviting us to indicate which Committee we would like to be on for the next three years. This is something we do on a three yearly cycle but, as members know, there is opportunity for a member to move from one committee to another during the three year term.
Please consider the proposed structure and if you have any questions you want to ask before Tuesday, please get in touch.
Many thanks
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