Know Your Own Blood Pressure Day 2017

Sat 29th April 2017 at 10.30 - 13.30

An annual event run by many Rotary Clubs throughout Britain and Ireland and promoted by the Stroke Association to diagnose high blood pressure early.

Saturday morning, 29th April, saw doctors from the Rotary Club of Cheltenham taking random blood pressure  measurements on shoppers in Regent Arcade, Cheltenham. Raised BP greatly increases the risk of  early Strokes  and Cardiac Failure.  Detection can lead to early lifestyle changes and treatments to bring BP down and increase longevity in relatively good health.

In three hours 40 men and 51 women agreed to have their BP checked and 74 people were found to have normal pressure. However in no less than 17 of those tested, the doctors found the BP sufficiently raised above normal levels, to recommend that a visit to their own GP was advisable to recheck, investigate and manage if necessary. A very satisfactory result was that 4 of the 17 were below the age of 55 where, if treatment proved to be necessary, the time until  a life threatening stroke can be extended by many years. The Rotary Club of Cheltenham continues to find this annual event, very rewarding and a really worthwhile  community service.