Result of Call my Bluff - May 2015

Another draw!

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Call My Bluff is a competition between Halifax Calder and Sowerby Bridge Rotary clubs on a loosely quarterly basis. It was held at Sowerby Bridge with the result being a draw. This means that Halifax Calder retains the trophy until next time.

Sowerby Bridge's words this time were as follows:

1 BORAK - an Australian work meaning to poke fun or ridicule someone
2 BABIRUSA - a type of pig from Indonesia
3 CALUMET - a North American Indian peace pipe
4 CABRETTA - a light soft leather from skins of hairy sheep
5 MASLIN - a brass pot or vessel
6 CRAMPER - used in curling and it is a spiked metal plate used as a brace for the feet in throwing the stone

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