Answers to the page 1 quiz


1.             The Pearl Fishers is an opera by which composer?            Bizet


2.            Lady Bird was the nickname of which US President?            Lyndon B Johnson


3.            Name given to a 4x4 used for taking kids to school?            Chelsea Tractor         


4.            What is the maximum possible in ten-pin bowling?            300    


5.            Poet Philip Larkin was the librarian at which University? Hull


6.            Who sang the title song in Dad’s Army?                        Bud Flanagan


7.            Castle in Kent with a Yorkshire name                          Leeds 


8.            In his adventures who had a friend called Captain Haddock?            Tintin


9.            Who wrote the Books All Creatures Great & Small            James Herriot           


10.            Who designed the Morris Minor?                                                Sir Alec Issigonis


11.            Which fictional airman had friends Algy and Ginger            Biggles


12.            Which capital city is served by the Chopin Airport?            Warsaw           


13.            Apart from London and Westminster which other city

            Does the River Thames flow?                                                Oxford


14.            How many spaces between Go and Jail in Monopoly?            Nine


15.            In computing what does VDU stand for?                                    Visual Display Unit