Barrow's Abbeyfield Society

Wed 13th December 2017 at 18.30 - 20.00

Millenium House patio

A Talk by Diane Craig, Deputy Chair of the Barrow Abbeyfield Society to the Rotary Club of Furness accompanied by her husband Tony on 14-12-17

Diane gave us an explanation of the history of the Barrow Abbeyfield Society , which was formed by the Reverend Angus Rudd in May 1967. It was funded by the sale of the Infield Convalescent Home.
The first house was purchased inMay 1967 at 135 Abbey Road and converted into flats for six residents.  It was sold in 1985.
The second house was purchased 1n 1969 and converted into flats for seven residents. Again an Abbey road address and Vickers Armstrongs paid for the fire escape. This property was sold in 1997.
The third house at 14 Park Avenue was purchased in 1974 and has flats for six residents. This was sold in 2000 and the money transferred to Barrow Council to help towards the cost of Millenium House on Dalton Road. Diane also said that as this was a brownfield redevelopment site, grants were available to help with costs and the property is rented from Barrow Council.
Diane said that Millenium House has eleven residents in ensuite apartments with a resident house keeper and six part time staff including catering staff. All flats have basic furnishings, carpets etc and cost each resident less than £1000 per month. For this cost Laundry, gas and electric, two meals a day and 24 hour on call are provided with basic breakfast facilities.
The volunteers help with accounts, health and safety and maintenance to reduce costs and help keep the Society independent.
Diane explained that throughout the UK there are 4000 residents in 350 independent Societies and 300 managed Societies all under the Abbeyfield banner.
The Barrow Society has its own ‘Friends of Abbeyfield’ , who help to raise funds and the Society is also a registered charity which helps with gift aid. These volunteers also arrange concerts etc as well as trips out for residents.
The average age of residents at Millenium House is 87 years and two ladies are in their mid 90’s.
After Diane had answered some questions, she was given a vote of thanks by Rotarian Martin McLeavy, and members responded warmly