Talk: Rachel van Hoven - Porchlight

Mon 30th October 2017 at 19.30 - 22.00

Rachel is Community Fundraising Manager at Porchlight. The meeting was held at Boughton Golf Club.

Rachel  graduated from university (a social sciences degree) in the Netherlands in 2005 and moved to Ireland where she worked for Aware, a depression & suicide charity for several years, during which time she was mainly involved in delivering suicide intervention skills training to GP’s, fire fighters, teachers etc.
She moved to the UK in 2009, worked briefly for the University of Kent as the Volunteering & Employability Skills Development Coordinator but felt a strong wish to return to the charity sector and started work at Porchlight that same year.
She has been Porchlight’s Community Fundraising Manager for 8 years (7 really, because of maternity leave) and still enjoys the job immensely. Rachel strongly believes in the cause and is proud to be part of the organisation and the difference it makes in the community.