Turning Purple for Polio at Oxfordshire Science Festival

To celebrate 100 Years of the Rotary Foundation "doing good in the World", we were privileged to participate in the Explorazone at the Oxford Town Hall, part of the prestigious Oxfordshire Science Festival in June

What a fun weekend we all had at the family-friendly Explorazone in Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June, just one part of the amazing week-long Oxfordshire Science Festival!

It was a real privilege to be part of this vibrant Festival which attracted thousands of people to events throughout Oxford and beyond. Over the weekend, we shared space in the Town Hall with a number of really exciting scientific research programmes, health practitioners and educators, all explaining how science contributes to make the world a safer and happier place. It was a great opportunity to share with hundreds of curious visitors how rewarding it is to be a member of Rotary by being actively involved in Rotary's life-changing programmes and activities and also an opportinity to exchange ideas with fellow exhibitors and explore ways of working together to help those in need.

As one of our volunteers put it "How amazing to be speaking with an Oxford Emeritus Professor one moment and answering questions from an inquiring eight year old the next!"

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who manned Thames Valley Rotary District's 'Turning Purple for Polio' stand throughout the weekend explaining to a huge number of visitors the part Rotary plays in fighting disease and providing clean water and for sharing their enthusiasm for Rotary. Special thanks to our very kind neighbours in District 1260 who lent us the Child's Iron Lung, which proved a major attraction and to David Sutherland and Andrew Fairbairn for bringing their AquaFilter kits and engaging with budding young scientists to turn muddy Thames water into life-saving clean water. 

Note to clubs: The large exhibition stand with monitor may be borrowed from Marketing Resources

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