Making a Difference

'Making a Difference' is the theme chosen by Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, for the Rotary year starting 1st July 2017

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At our meeting held on Thursday 29th June, the incoming President of the Filey Club, Rotarian Natalie Bosomworth laid out he goals for the year as follows.

"Our Rotary theme for 2017-18, chosen by our Rotary International President Elect, Ian Riseley, is “Making a Difference”.

On first thoughts this is a bizarre choice of theme. We didn't join Rotary to eat, gamble, chill out. We chose to join Rotary to make a difference.

We all make a difference. Firstly we must never underestimate the bond of fellowship and the difference that can make to an individual’s life. As friends we combat isolation and loneliness, we give each other purpose, we offer a shoulder when times are hard and celebrate when times are good. We continue this fellowship in the community. We have, over the years, created memories that will stay with people and provide them with encouragement, support and smiles in lonely hours or happy hours.

And through this work we have made a difference.

The other week we were informed that the help of our volunteer leaders had assisted children so significantly that some of them had increased their reading age by over 4 years.

This skill will give them better life aspirations and more opportunities. Literacy enables people. Not only are we enabling literacy in this country but, through the work of “Smiles” we have given significant opportunities to children in Tanzania.

Today our past Rotary Young Leaders Award candidate finished college. A qualified chef. She scraped through school but the belief that was instilled in her by Rotary has allowed her to go forward and achieve goals she never knew she had.

Our work with Rotary Foundation and the Polio Plus campaign speaks for itself. An international project yet one that has very personal touches from the Rotary Club of Filey.

We have supported Young Carers whose lives are so difficult at times and so very misunderstood but with our help they have managed to get some time out for themselves.

Going forwards we will continue to support these causes as well as give further opportunities to children and adults in our community.

Our work at the school will continue and grow. We will be able to support local organisations like the Sea Cadets with our fundraising.

And we will continue to thrive on good fellowship, friendship.

In Ian Riseley’s speech he mentions the children of Chernobyl and how Rotary helped them and thanks to the work of Jane we hope to rebuild that link with our club.

He also mentions making a difference to the environment and hopes that for each Rotarian a tree will be planted to help combat global warming and the effects it has on our future. Something that I am sure as a Rotary Club we will be able to do and by doing so involving other organisations and spreading our message even further.

My chosen charity for the year is the Dementia Appeal at the hospital. The appeal hopes to make the whole of Scarborough hospital a more dementia friendly environment and ensure that staff are trained and given appropriate resources to help patients who have dementia regardless of which ward in the hospital they appear on. From toilet seats and clocks to fancy software the impact of the appeal is set to be massive and, in my opinion, very welcome.

Finally, Ian says that as Rotary Clubs we need to address not only the gender balance but the age balance within our clubs and today I couldn't be prouder to stand here as not only a female but as a relatively young female. Thank you for allowing me a place in your club and for your fellowship."

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