New District Governor from Elgin Club

Graeme Archibald DG

Elgin Rotarian of 17 years Graeme Archibald being handed his challice form last years District Governor Roddy.

It is 60 years since an Elgin Rotarian has held this post and members of the Elgin Club are delighted and fully supportive of Graeme in his new role, they don't expect to see much of him with 90 clubs in district to cover.

Elgin Rotarian Graeme Archibald takes over this week as District Governor for Rotary District 1010. Stretching from Shetland in the north to Inverkeithing in the south and across to Stornoway it’s one of 25 Rotary Districts in Great Britain and Ireland and by far the largest geographically.

Graeme, a former Finance Director with Johnstons of Elgin and married to Carol, is looking forward to the challenges the District Governor’s role will undoubtedly deliver. The couple have 3 daughters, two granddaughters and a grandson.

Graeme and Carol will meet many of the 2,800 members of the 90 clubs in District 1010 in the next twelve months and hear of the good and innovative work these clubs are delivering both locally and internationally.

Graeme and Carol have just returned from the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, an event which attracted 40,000 Rotarians from across the world. There they listened to some truly inspirational speakers.

“It was a unique experience”, enthuses Graeme, “with Rotary’s theme for the year ahead being  ‘Making a Difference’.”

“This is what Rotarians can do, at home and overseas. One of the best examples of this is the tremendous work Rotary has carried out with the Bill Gates Foundation through the End Polio Now campaign which seeks to eradicate polio. It was a tremendous privilege to listen to Bill Gates in Atlanta and to learn that Rotary will contribute $150 million over the next 3 years, with Bill Gates matching this sum twice over to help bridge that tiny gap between the 5 polio cases this year and a polio free world by 2020! We are now moving from an End Polio Now campaign to a Countdown to History campaign, when polio, at last, will be consigned to the past.”

“While End Polio Now is a very good demonstration that Rotarians are people of action and get things done, there are also many examples of clubs in District 1010 making a difference. This also includes the Elgin Club through its activities at home, such as Bothy Ballads and Motorfun and overseas through its support for water, health and sanitation projects in Nepal which we are visiting in February 2018. I am really looking forward to hearing about all of the many successful projects and achievements across District 1010 during the year, but I am well aware, also, of the challenges facing the future of Rotary.”

“Following a decline in Rotary membership in recent years, the recruitment of new members across the District is an absolute priority for my team. We need to be even better at ensuring that our communities know who we are and about our achievements. But even more important is for Rotary to adapt to changes in society, in lifestyles and in work styles.”

“The model of traditional weekly meetings may no longer be sustainable. We need to adapt to changing family and work demands and it’s reassuring to see new styles of Rotary meetings appearing. Breakfast clubs are increasingly popular, but also effective are those clubs adopting a more informal get together, perhaps meeting once or twice a month over a coffee, with those men and women attending determining how best they can serve and support their local communities and make a significant difference to communities overseas.”

“My Team looks forward to promoting the enjoyment of Rotary across the District and would encourage anyone interested in Rotary to contact their local club. Details are easily available on the internet. It’s a tremendous privilege to be District Governor for 2017-18 and key to my year is to encourage men and women across the North of Scotland to join Rotary and discover, as I have, just how enjoyable and fulfilling it can be.”