Dornoch Primary RotaKids successful six months.


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Dornoch Primary School has only had a Rotakids club since Christmas but what an impact it has had.  Easter Celebrations, tree planting, support for local retirement homes and a fabulous summer strawberry tea party for all the elderly in their community were all organised by them.  Normally a club with such a short life would not qualify for an award but the achievements of Dornoch were such that the Rotary President for Great Britain and Ireland decided that Dornoch must have a Presidential citation and that was presented at the school prize giving.  Not only that but the local Rotary club were so impressed by their Rotakids President Cody that they have awarded him the Potter Peace Trophy for his leadership, his organisation and for setting a great example to others.

One of the events organised by the club was a wonderful tea party for their elders.  They invited all the residents from the towns care homes as well as all of their Grannies and Grandpas resulting in well over 100 happy pensioners being looked after by a superb team of young waiters and waitresses.  They had ‘encouraged’ their parents to bake for the party and had also managed to convince the Dornoch Patisserie to donate wonderful strawberry and fruit tarts.  However not content with that they also provided an hour long variety show.  This included Pipers, accordion and fiddle bands, solo singers and choirs, flute playing groups and comic trombonists and delightful Highland and Country dancers.  The hall was awash with talent and smiling faces both on the Rotakids faces and on the faces of their guests, teachers and Rotarians like President John Chambers who were fortunate enough to be invited to a fabulous day and a great example of young people doing good and setting a great example through helping others.

Also in a busy six months The Dornoch Primary Rotakids have planted 200 trees in the grounds of 2 local care homes - the Meadows and Overstepps.  They also laid special commemorative stones next to the planted areas.

Main picture shows Rotary President John Chambers, teacher Heather Shelley, Rotakids committee members Freya, Tom, Przemyslan, Issy their President Cody and head teacher Lawrence Bews.