Data protection


Club and District Collection and Use of Personal Membership Data
Rotary clubs and districts within Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) acknowledge that it has a responsibility to ensure that members personal data held on the RI Global Database and the RIBI Template Database comply with Data Protection Laws and the RI, RIBI District and Club Data Privacy Statements.
Clubs and districts are committed to:
 Ensuring that all steps are taken to collect, process, store and use members personal data in accordance with Date Protection Laws, including the Guiding Principles, and the RI, RIBI and Club & District Data Privacy Statements.
 Providing all members of the club/district with information and advice to ensure where they have a responsibility for the handling of personal data, they do so in accordance with this policy statement.
 Establishing systems and procedures that will ensure clubs and districts can comply with this policy statement.
 Ensuring that when collecting personal data, the documents include, or make reference to, the Club & District Data Privacy statement and the RIBI Data Privacy statement, i.e. whether the statements are included in full on documentation/forms or included in full on the club/district website and referred to on documentation/forms.
Club & District Data Privacy Statement
As part of core Rotary business, clubs and districts facilitate communication with Rotarians, Rotary International and Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and collects personal information about Rotary club members, and their partners and associates where appropriate, to be used solely for the purpose of conducting core business activities on the RI Global Database and RIBI Template Database, these include:
 Preparing annual District/Club Directories.
 Calculating semi-annual dues payable to Rotary International
 Identifying prospective candidates for presidential and Foundation appointments to conferences, RIBI, RI and TRF committees, task forces, and other assignments
 Supporting The Rotary Foundation
 Providing information and updates to district governors, district officers and others involved in RI and RIBI programs and service projects
 Providing goods and services to clubs and districts for their general activities
 Providing guidance to clubs and districts in their general activities and public relations efforts
 Communicating key organisational messages and information to district and club leaders and members
 Facilitating conference, assembly and special event planning
 Supporting ‘The Rotarian’ and the RIBI regional magazine ‘Rotary’
 Identifying Rotarians who have specific language and/or professional skills
© Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland (RIBI) for use by clubs and districts within RIBI (last reviewed April 2017)
RI and RIBI Data Privacy Statement
For RIBI Privacy Statement, see RIBI website:
For RI Privacy Statement, see RI website:
This policy, and all related documents, will be reviewed by RIBI at the end of each Rotary
year following which appropriate advice and updated documents, if so required, will be provided
to all RIBI districts. This policy, and any documents based upon it, should be re-validated