YumZaa Project - update July 2017

An update on YumZaa's progress

Letter from Yum Zaa (Kadijah)

This is an email from Nigel Young dated 21st July 2017:

Dear all, 

Some three years ago you very kindly responded to my appeal for funds to help a young lady in Ghana train for a BSc Accountancy at the University for Development Studies in Northern Ghana. 

I am delighted to tell you that despite  a number of serious bouts of ill health on the way she obtained her final results this week and has graduated with a 2.1 

This is an excellent result for a young lady, born in a mud hut, one of 14 siblings (One father, 2 wives) who by extraordinary determination and innate intelligence has achieved so much.  Like all graduates in Ghana she has to complete one year of National Community Service and I very proud that she has managed to gain a position in the Ghana Government’s ‘Ghana Audit Service ‘ based in the Capital Accra.  I am confident she will learn much from this posting and you may be interested to learn that her ambitions are to not only become a successful entrepreneur but to also set up her own foundation to help young women achieve a higher level of education and to try and help them avoid the devastating effects of teenage pregnancy. 

Thank you for the confidence you showed in this young lady, you have helped transform her life and in so doing I am sure there will be the added bonus of her using her life skills to assist many others who have been brought up in straightened circumstances. 

I have attached her letter to me and all her benefactors which you may like to read. 

With kindest regards 

Nigel Young, Rotary Club of Yeo Vale

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