“Community in Action”: the Eco-Greenhouse

Coop staff working with Rotary and the school to build an Eco greenhouse

Volunteers from Central England Co-operative worked last week with school children, Kirkby-in-Ashfield Rotarians and their supporters to build a greenhouse using recycled plastic bottles instead of glass.

Kirkby’s Greenway Primary School was the site for the Eco-Greenhouse project, using a design that has been adopted and promoted by Rotary clubs throughout Britain. The bottoms are cut off the bottles which are threaded on to canes; the canes are then fixed to the wooden framework built from a pre-cut kit.The Co-op donated the cost of the framework and provided six volunteers who, alongside children from the school, worked with Rotarians and friends to finish the greenhouse in a single day.The 1300 bottles required were collected by the school and local Co-op stores.

The support from the Co-op is part of their Community Events programme in which, as well as providing funds, staff are given three days each year to support local projects.The Eco Greenhouse features strongly in Rotary’s Business Partnership scheme and has been installed in a number of schools locally and around Britain. Greenway Primary welcomed the Eco-Greenhouse as part of the two-yearly national Green Flag Environmental Awards, which the school has won three times over the past six years.The pupils will grow vegetables to supply to the school kitchen.

Rotarian Melissa Blythe, Kirkby Rotary’s projects leader, said: “It was a fantastic day and we all had a great deal of fun building the Eco-Greenhouse.It’s an ideal example of community in action.Commerce is strongly involved through financial and hands-on support, education is served with the children learning about re-cycling and about growing food, and Kirkby Rotary fulfils it aim of actively working for the benefit of our local community.We’re very grateful to the Co-op, to Greenwood Primary and to our friends who came to help on the day for making this our first Eco-greenhouse such a success.”

Kirkby Rotary Club is planning a second Eco-Greenhouse with another local school in the near future.Anyone interested in taking part should please ring 07548 694937 or email secretary@kirkbyrotary.org.uk.

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