Weekly Meeting - Sam Rossitor ('Ear, 'Ear)

Wed 1st November 2017 at 19.30 - 19.30

Speaker's Friend: Richard Sugdon Vote of Thanks: Tony Priestley

Sam Rossitor - 'ear, 'ear!

Sam is an expert in audiology and gave us an interesting talk on the science of sounds.  He is the owner and managing director of Imperial Hearing Group and is a firm believer in working with a patient and after care service.

Our ears have an external, a middle and an inner part and he talked in detail about how each part contributed to our hearing.  The main tasks are to detect transmit and transduce sound.

Hearing sound is a translation of vibration perceived by amplitude (loudness - measured in Decibels Db) and frequency (pitch - measured in Hertz Hz), which for humans is between 20Hz and 20kHz, other animals can have different ranges. He indicated that over 45 years old we have only ¾ of the hearing ability that we had when we were younger, and it can continue to decline.

The important thing is that technology has increased enormously, and hearing aids can now include noise suppressors and prescribed correctly can really help.

He is obviously an expert in his field and was somewhat negative about the NHS and high street hearing advisors, it was thought that 50% of NHS hearing aids are not being used.

A very good speaker and responded well to questions afterwards.

Tony Priestley