Rotary Community Corps

Let's Hear in Portsmouth seeks volunteers to form a Rotary Community Corps to undertake Hearing Loop Checks across the City of Portsmouth

Let’s Hear in Portsmouth is a partnership initiative to encourage our City to become a Champion City for Good Hearing for all. The initial steps in our campaign is to make everyone aware of the Social Model for Hearing in our community, to identify where Hearing Loops are available and should be available, to ensure Good Hearing is seen as a priority for all. Later we will also inlucde provision of quiet areas where loops are not the best solution and create awareness of the need to prevent loss of hearing, including regular hearing tests.

Rotary working in partnership with the national Charity Hearing Link and organisations in Portsmouth, are developing a team of volunteers who want to change awareness and perception about the need for Good Hearing for everyone and everywhere in the City. By getting involved with the Rotary Community Corps in Portsmouth you can use your skills, talents and experience to do good and make a di erence in your community.

Who are we looking for?

Rotary Community Corps (RCC) are looking for volunteers who want to make a di erence to their community with a very small commitment. We are asking for you to act literally as our eyes and ears to check on the availability of hearing loops in Portsmouth and to check whether they are working. We want you to also check the signage and how aware sta are of the loop, what training they are given on hearing impairment and how they assist customers.

Training will be given on how loops work, where they should be located, what questions to ask sta and how to check them. You will work in pairs checking shops, churches, libraries, stations, doctors surgeries, theatres, public buildings – in fact anywhere there should be a hearing loop.

The sort of people we are looking for are both a hearing aid wearers and people who would like to help their City make hearing a priority. Can you spare a morning or afternoon a month to improve the quality and understanding of Good Hearing?

For many years Rotary International have supported such community groups around the world and similar groups are now being sponsored in these Islands. The RCC allows provision for risk assessment and insurance of the voluntary work under the sponsorship of Rotary. 

For an application form please email