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Well, half of this rotary year has passed by without too much pain. Christmas has been and gone, and most New Year’s hangovers have been consigned to the deep.

Firstly very best wishes to John Brind and Alan Wilson, both of whom have had serious operations of late; we all look forward to seeing you back and healthy in the near future.

So, what about the future? 

This is when things become a little tricky and require both thought and action. We have already voted in a President and Secretary for next year, both of whom will be brilliant but we have no Vice President who doubles as Chairbeing of the Service Committee and no-one, as yet, has put themselves forward to run Foundation when the present incumbent becomes a full time skiing instructor.

Furthermore RibI will be announcing wholesale changes to the way Rotary is organized with emphasis on the setting up of e-clubs and Satellites, run by gay young things in their forties and fifties overflowing with boundless enthusiastic energy and full of innovative ideas for networking in the business community and thereby furthering the good work.

On reflection, this is probably a good idea. When our club was first chartered xtyyears ago it was run by many of you who were precisely those energetic young things in the local business community and a rip roaring success you made of it too!It seems inevitable therefor that we will lose some of our younger members to a satellite club and in my opinion we should offer them our strong support and turn our minds to how we want to continue running our own ‘mother club’.

Perhaps we should change our own procedures and re-structure committees so that more members can share the work load. Certainly Community Service and Youth seem to my eye, considerably overworked and maybe would benefit from extra hands. Maybe we no longer wish to meet every week or dine at the same venue. Joint enterprises with PZ? Who knows, but what is certain, is that if we are to survive we have to adapt to changing circumstances. Please, all of you, think deeply about this, so that the magnificent work we do and our own enjoyment will continue to flourish.

I think we should set up a working party as a matter of urgency to examine our options, to which end I now invite members to nominate a Chairbeing.

Very best wishes to you all


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