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Months 4 and 5 OCNOV

If one stares for long enough at the word OCNOV, a number of interesting mental events occur.

Try moving the letters around, adding the odd one here and there. One could even make a list of other words that come to mind.

I think this little exercise exemplifies the confusion between our normal mode of ‘image or picture thinking’ and the reality behind it.

When image thinking I get all sorts of strange results however the reality is simply an amalgam of the words October and November.


More adventurous now, I attempt the same exercise with three words, initially in the order above and then moving them about a bit. We could have ROTARY MOUNTS BAY, MOUNTS BAY ROTARY or, my favourite, MOBAYRO.

In reality, the options have a single meaning. They all refer to the Rotary Club of Mounts Bay but when we go into image picture thinking mode we get subtle alterations.I am reminded of a famous Sergeant Major who was renowned for his appalling language. One day a brave young recruit asked him, “Sergeant Major, why do you swear so much?” The Sergeant Major studied the youth for a few moments before performing a majestic crescendo. “ Becos Laddie, it gives me emphy*******sis!”

I share these thoughts with you since, after nearly four months into our year, I am never more convinced that our emphasis should be on the members of Mounts Bay Rotary Club. The work that we do at home and abroad, follows quite naturally from that premise. Rotary in Britain and the world is a great thing. Good works are conducted probably every day of the year; but it is not the organisation as such that does these works but individual members in their own clubs, just like ours.

MBRC is somewhat like a well- trained poly-gender rugby team. Absolutely everyone has an important role in our success whatever we do and however we do it.

Nous sommes Mounts Bay
Onen hag oll


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