Fish & Chips Supper & Quiz

Fish & Chips Supper & Quiz

On Friday 29th September we held our annual Fish and Chips Supper and Quiz at Bramley Village Hall.

Some 70 Rotarians partners and friends enjoyed a great evening. From around 7 o'clock we met for drinks and chat before sitting down to excellent fish and chips followed by strawberries and ice cream.

Then Rotarian Don Raffin prodiuced another of his pictorial quizzes. There were 6 categories with pictures displayed to give clues to the 5 questions in each category. In addition there was a paper based general knowledge section plus a celebrity picture quiz. At the end of all this the O'Keefe team were declared the winners with a score of 44.

Although mainly a social event a raffle was held to raise much needed funds. A surplus of £664 resulted from the evening and will be spent on purchasing a laptop for local and well known charity, Challengers, to help them following a disastrous fire at their Guildford headquarters.

Many thanks are due to Chris Parker and his small team of Jim and Valerie Connelly, Steve Chalcraft and Lesley, Jane Hindley and quiz master Don Raffin.

It was a really enjoyable event so please come to next year's evening.