Medical Detection Dogs

A talk by Ian Grant 16.8.17

Ian Grant gave us a talk on the charity Medical Detection Dogs and brought with him the puppy that he is socialising prior to them being trained as a detection dog.

He told us that there are now two distinct types of detaection dogs that are supplied by the charity.  The first deal with samples sent in by doctors for checking if their patients have specific illnesses and they do this by sniffing at a number of samples which are arranged on a carousel. If they find one that they have been trained to detect they will either sit or bark to indicate it.  These dogs have no contact with the patient.

The second type of dog is trained to live in a patient's home and to warn them of an oncoming attack of their illness.  They can sense this long before the patient is aware of the problem and in many cases have been trained to go ang get the medication required and deliver it to their owner.

It was a most interesting and informative talk.