Rotary at Wensleydale Show 2017

Wensleydale Rotarians ran a Know Your Blood Pressure session as well as a fundraising tent at this year's Show, helped by District Governor Robert Morphet

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 DG Robert helped all morning, encouraging Show visitors to have their blood pressure checked.Prof Lynette Rhodes-Holme, Rotary in Yorkshire Stroke Awareness Co-ordinator, provided the automated BP machines and paperwork, while Wensleydale Rotarians took BPs and completed the report forms, copies of which people could take to their GPs. There was a steady stream of both visitors and locals willing to have their BPs taken, totalling over 200. Some had come from as far afield as Tyneside and York. Many were reassured they had normal results but a significant number had raised blood pressure, including 10 that were dangerously high, so were advised to attend their GP for further checks. This could well prevent them having a stroke in the future.

Meantime, other Wensleydale Rotarians were manning a tent with old tools of all kinds together with bric a brac. One visitor said he had just taken on an allotment but did not know what tools he would need. He was advised to at least have a fork, rake,and hoe, and provided with good versions of all three for a total of £15, a good result all round! 

At the end of a busy day, Stroke Awareness had been advertised, over 200 blood pressures checked, and nearly £600 raised for the club charity fund.