New members

The club adds Edd Moore and Joan Cullington

New members Edd Moore and Joan Cullington with president Wendy

The new premises for the Damers First School on Poundbury are slowly settling in to the landscape. These days there is great enthusiasm for the pupils to learn all about growing plants, especially food, so that they have a grounding for their future life. To this end members of the Poundbury Rotary Club have been helping prepare the ground to enable planting to begin.

 Rotarian Ian Brown, set to with a rotovator to create a base which, as he said at the recent club meeting, ‘looks like earth’. Rotarian and builder Marcus Foice has also lent a hand with some of the tricky aspects of the work. As most club members work full time, it is impossible for club members to help regularly during working hours, hence the club is working to coordinate locals with time available to help. This is being done by Rotarian Helen Horsley.

 The key teacher involved with the work was so impressed by the way Rotary set out to help, that he himself asked to join the club. Edd Moore was duly inducted at a recent meeting alongside retired teacher Joan Cullington, boosting the membership. Joan has a long association with Rotary, her father being a member of the club where she was brought up, and her husband Geoff is a member of the Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary Club.

 Edd and Joan were inducted at the same time at the recent meeting, and they look forward to carrying forward the work of Rotary in the community, whether locally, or anywhere in the world that needs help, such as the club’s continued work in Nepal providing clean running water for the villages in the hills and mountains, for which the club has been awarded a grant (announced at the same meeting) to supplement the fund raised by the club.