Primary Schools' Public Speaking Competition

Mon 12th March 2018 at 18.00 - 21.00

This year's competition was held at Ballacottier Primary School - the 2017 winners. The 2018 winning school is St. John's Primary School.

After the usual close competition the winning team was announced as St. John's Primary School, with Arbory School in second place and Ballacottier third.

The St. John's team was Chaired by Ealish Ayres, with Summer Rose as speaker and the Vote of Thanks proposed by Bel Hughes. The subject of their speach was; "If I were and animal I would be ......."

Special prizes were awarded to Stella Karezi (Cronk y Berry School), Chloe Clarke ( Henry Bloom Noble) and Taylor Hodgkin (Ashley Hill).

7 teams entered this year's competition, namely Peel Clothworkers', St. John's, Scoill yn Jubilee, Henry Bloom Noble, Arbory, Ashley Hill, Cronk y Berry and Ballacottier. Subjects delivered by the teams included such areas as "School Uniform", "Is Artificial Intelligence anxiety-inducing or a helping hand?", "Fangtastic" and "Every Cloud has a  silver lining".

Adjudicators for the competition were Rotary Club of Douglas President Wayne Tomlinson, Alison Campbell and Anne Clarke


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