Hurricane Irma

£1200 raised for Disaster Shelter Boxes for stricken families in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma wreaking destruction across the Caribbean

With money from a Street Collection, a collecting box in the Blue Boar Hotel and a small top up from it's Charity Fund, Witney Rotary sent two additional Shelterboxes at around £600 each to the ongoing recovery operation in the Caribbean.

We are grateful for the generosity shown by Witney residents.

Each Shelter Box providess a measure of stability in a ravaged, chaotic landscape. A Shelter Box  contains a tent and survival equipment which will house a family of up to ten people for at least six months.It also contains a small multi fuel stove, cooking utensils and cutlery..Even pencils and paper are included to ehable the children to draw pictures.

When the disasster threatened the RAF flew 2,000 Shelterboxes to Panama on standby ready for immediate despatch to the islands most in need. These are now being deployed into the most needy areas under the guidance of an experienced  ShelterBox Disasters team whose experts  were aready based in the area anticipating the likely effects of Irma.