Bowls match

Wed 13th September 2017 at 10.12 - Wed 31st January 2018 - 23.55

A report on the annual bowls match

This year the annual bowls competition was held on Thursday  7th in the Peoples Park. As usual it attracted members of the club who had not played during the season,and true  to form one of them  was the winner of the men’s competition.I keep threatening to take part in the golf competition,even though I have never played golf!

It was an overcast late afternoon and fortunately the rain held off until the  matches had been completed.

There were two teams of 11 men and one of 4 ladies . President Mike turned up to spectate but was persuaded to play and he was in my group.

Our match (the one with President Mike) was somewhat peculiar, because people were either promoted by somebody else or knocked out of the way, when they were close to the jack. Very annoying. Surprise,surprise, President Mike had beginners luck and did very well being and was the winner of our group. The winner from the other group was Malcolm and so it was a play off between them. The  winner was Malcolm.

The winner from the ladies team was Ann Turner,following a play off with Julia.

We retired to St James restaurant for a meal of fish and chips, bread  and butter accompanied by wine., and not forgetting the tea/coffee.A very pleasant afternoon .