Carribean Hurricane Appeal

Collection Arrangements

Eye of the Storm

Through the ready co-operation of two popular Elgin stores Elgin Rotary will be holding a Caribbean Hurricane Appeal this Friday, 15 th September, at Tesco and this Saturday, 16 th September, at Marks & Spencer. Both collections run from 10am to 5pm.
Intimating the collections Elgin Rotary president, Andy Jamieson, emphasises that “much of the Caribbean has been devastated in recent days. There is now an urgent need now to support the emergency activity and in the longer term to assist the people affected to rebuild their homes, lives and communities.
The money raised will be used to supply Shelterboxes and to support Rotary’s Caribbean Hurricane Appeal which is committed to funding sustainable long-term community projects in the reconstruction phase.
The people of Elgin and Moray have an excellent record of helping those devastated by natural disasters and I would urge them to give generously over the 2 days of collections.
We are also very grateful to the staff of Tesco and Marks & Spencer for so readily accommodating this appeal.”


Pictured below, typical items in a Shelterbox, the organisation have deployed teams to affected areas to determine what items will be most useful and boxes will be made up accordingly.