Sports night dinner

Fri 15th September 2017 at 20.14 - Sun 31st December 2017 - 23.55

A report on the sports night.

 The annual sports dinner was held at the Grimsby Golf Club on Wednesday 14th Sept.As usual some members played golf  and  bowls, because the latter matches had been played a week earlier.

After the meal it was time to reveal the winners of the golf competition.(we already knew the out come of the bowls),see earlier report.

President Mike thanked people for attending and also participating in the competitions.  He had enjoyed bowling and being his first attempt he had (surprisingly) won his heat. However,Malcom Hoole won the play off .Mike  then handed over to PP  John Durham for the bowls results  and PP Stuart Falconer for the golf results.

Stuart Falconer.

11 men and 4 ladies played in the  competition. It was described by Stuart ,as being tricky conditions due to strong winds,but fortunately it did not rain.As usual a number of golf balls were lost on the course.



1st Som Roy 34 points  Silver Cup.

2nd Gordon Chapman  32 points   Receiving new golf balls (to replace lost ones?)

3rd Stuart Falconer 31 points

4th Richard Gibbon 30 points


!st Julia Roy  Trophy

2nd Janet Dixon  Glass Bowl.

Bowling competition

Men  Malcom Hoole  Silver cup.

Ladies  Ann Turner  Silver cup.

Ann thanked John Durham for organising the events throughout the year. This year was particularly difficult in that ,due to changes by our council,we have had to obtain keys to the  pavilion(after submitting a copy of the Rotary Insurance policy).

We look forward to next years sporting events.