Peace Pole

Presentation at Westfield School

Peace Pole is Presented

On the 12th of September the Club presented a Peace Pole to Westfield School. We were joined by the Mayor and Mayoress Paul and Judi Fellows and the District Governor Chris Davies,past District Governor Margaret Morley and Assistant District Governor Peter Berry.

There was was a poem on Peace presented by the Rotakids as well as a moving piece by the Headteacher Elaine Ridley. The Pole has the message of Peace written in 7 languages picked by the students and the school intends to have a Peace Garden surrounding the Pole.Everyone was moved by the ceremony and took a clear message home.

The students serve Tea and Coffee and one or more biscuits.

I have use the photograph as the cover picture on Facebook and maybe our friends could do the same in solidarity to encourage Peace in the World.

(ALL fields required)